Happy New Year!!

New Years isn't New Years without something fizzy!
First, I would like to say "Happy New Years!". I celebrated it in church with my family. I don't know what it is about this year but it feels special. I don't believe in "New Year's Resolutions". I consider them cliche and whatnot. But I do have high hopes, so consider this my To-Do List. So here goes:
  • Try to dress up more. Life is too short to stay in sweatpants all the time.
  • Wear more nail polish. Sure, I wear it, but I usually don't bother because I have no time.
  • The nail varnish I plan to wear this year. This collection is going to grow.
  • Be more charitable. I cleaned out my closet for New Year's (it's tradition to clean your entire house top to bottom in order to bless your house with a fresh start), which I have never done. I discovered A LOT of junk from SO long ago. I'm donating to charity, because I'm not using it.
  • The pile of clothes from my closet clean-out. Expect a huge post about this project in the near future.
  • BLOG more!! I almost never blog and I'm sure it's annoying to some. But I'm going to use my blog as my creative outlet to express my true potential.
  • Don't let ANYTHING restrict me from reaching my dreams. It's not the year to give up.
  • And lastly, Put my all into EVERYTHING I do! It's not the time to be lazy. It's time to get up and do what you love and do it often. How else are you going to reach your dreams????

But, anyways, I want to wish all of you guys who see this post a Happy New Year! Best wishes for the New Year!

A really crappy picture of what my mom was drinking for New Years'-- Moscato and a strawberry.
Hearts, Hugs and Lots of Love (Plus Blessings for the New Year),

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