Craving Satisfied: Mulberry x Target Collaboration

So, since I heard about the Mulberry/ Target collaboration, I WANTED a bag. All it took was a few trips to Super- Target (Yes, in Georgia, we have monster stores, such as Super-Target) and I NEEDED a bag. I mean, who can resist Mulberry?? It's probably the closest I'll get to any Mulberry. However, my funds were running a bit low, leaving me handbag-less for the longest time. Just when all hope disappeared, the holidays rolled around. I never truly know exactly what I want so I usually ask for the gift that keeps giving, MONEY (and/or gift cards). With all this money suddenly burning a hole in my pocket, I remembered this bag. After a few days going without it, I convinced my mom to take me to Super Target to get the bag I had dreamed about for about a month. Once in-store, I was caught between two bags, one completely patent leather and the other, a mix of velvet and patent leather. It was SOOOO HARD to choose!!! I mean, the patent leather would be a smarter, practical, more classic bag, but it had been imitated and done over sooo many times. And then, the Velvet and Leather!!! It was so luxe and exclusice looking. But it would be so hard to clean and definitely not as classic. But I followed my instinct and went with the less practical, luxe looking Velvet & Patent leather bag. And I'm so happy with my purchase. It's so pretty...

This Mulberry bag is the epitome of style. I love the richness of the velvet, in contrast with the smoothness of the patent leather.

Look at the label. It even has the signature Mulberry trees included (although you can barely see it from the photo).

Yep, even the packaging is expensive looking... How amazing is THAT??? And for only 34.99 (without tax)... Yes, dreams do come true...
Until next time, Dream...


Crown And Glory

Hey! I know it's been a while, but I'm here!!!
So today, I dressed up. I usually don't (Jeans and a Tshirt are my usual comfort zone). But today, I'm battling a cold and feel absolutely horrible. So I wanted to feel really pretty to make up for my current state of health. So, I put on a skirt, tee shirt and Blazer, with really pretty flats. I got a lot of compliments about it (yay!!!!) and a whole lot of questions. Especially from my mom. "Where are you going? To school!?! You look like you're going on a date!!!" I mean, the cold and coughing fits didn't make my day easy, but at least I did it in style. :)
Blazer: Target
T- Shirt: Old Navy
Jersey Skirt: H&M
Flats: (Not Shown) Charlotte Russe
Headband: Aldo
I love the tree in the background... Isn't fall beautiful???

Hearts, Hugs and Lots of Love, Dream


Playlist: Paris Nights, New York Mornings by Corinne Bailey Rae

 This song, make me think of Paris in New York. Corinne Bailey Rae almost always make me thinks summer days in my most favorite place in the world. This set took me an incredibly long time to complete because I had no idea how to mix the two cultures. But here it is! Enjoy! Love, Dream
$70 - tarinatarantino.com

Walking out of the NYC subway, the sunset of the city creating an orange, purple hazy backdrop for the skyline. Heading to a Parisian bistro to enjoy this Friday's end of the week dinner. This outfit was trying to capture the perfect Parisian girl without comprising too many of the ideals you learned as a New Yorker. As you  walk past the stores and windows, you turn slowly to catch a peek of yourself. How gorgeous! That bag looks sturdy, not delicate, but the scarf you added was the stroke of genius. It adds delicacy and mirrors the shy demeanor of girl blushing on your shirt. The cardigan adds a bit of covering. However,  the real stars are the cute shoes and barrette. The shoes, ivory colored, are intricate yet simple, just like a Parisian, but funky and smart, like the New Yorker in you. The barrette exudes pretty, but dangerous and unpredictable with the jewel encrusted spider tucked between the delicate looking ribbons, within your half updo. You smile coyly to yourself, happy with your own blend of Parisian and New Yorker.


Independent Romantic-- A Polyvore Set

While working hard at summer work, I also have been working hard at creating an outfit for the quintessential modern woman. This woman I believe is independent,sexy but demure, quirky and happy, girly and classic but always puts her spin on whatever she wears. And as always, she is the epitome of luxury. So enjoy the set I personally picked out for you guys. Oh, and I even picked out a song for you guys (Miss Independent-- Ne-Yo)
Kisses, Hugs and Lots of Love,
Dream-- The Luxury Addict

Speedy 30
$1,060 - louisvuitton.com
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Here, down in Georgia, school let out today and I am shocked that the year went so fast (especially because it seemed to drag on). Well with school out, I took it upon my self to draw a little something for my fans, because I have all this extra time... ( Excuse it... It is cut off and I only spent maybe 40 minutes on it)

This picture I think describes the typical Luxury girl. She's sexy, sophisticated, quirky but fun, and classic but unexpected. She doesn't limit herself. She doesn't follow fashion; it follows her. She is the epitome of unique. So look and enjoy, my little Luxury Addicts...
(Oh and if you can't tell the background is one of the sun and the moon.)