My Closet Cleanout

All the clothes taken out of my drawers... I should've done this earlier!!
About a week ago, I did something completely uncharacteristic of me-- cleaned out my closet. I really don't like to clean because I find it tedious. But for the longest time, I've been saying that I have nothing to wear, despite a closet AND armoire full of clothes. I got so tired of shuffling through clothes and being late for school. And I've been late a lot (12 times last semester). And in the end, I just decided it would be more beneficial to do clean.

Can you believe that this is only half the clothes I purged??? Ugh, so much clothes, so little time.
Anyways, I started by just taking out all the things I knew I didn't wear. All of it. I spent about 45 minutes pulling out all the clothes I knew couldn't fit. Then I took out clothes that fit but weren't exactly my style anymore. Of course, it ended up covering my entire floor, so be a bit more organized (and to truly see the mess), I folded all the clothes. And it was a lot.

This is the beloved bag that I finally had give up when I realized it was falling apart.
I also discovered a bunch of things that, once upon a time, I loved. For example, there was this Koie Cinderella purse. Black, pink, and a princess motif?? Sign me up! Bought at Marshall's for I think $20 when I was young, I loved it. I carried it on planes as my carryon. I carried it on long car rides to my grandma's as an activity bag. I carried it EVERYWHERE. But alas, it was cheap and of less-than-stellar quality. And so it slowly started falling apart in my hands. First, the slipper on the side started to peel, until it fell off all together. But yet, I still carried it around like a baby. Then the other side began to peel and I had to let it go. It was living a sad existence at the bottom of a bin in my closet.
It slowly began to fall apart until I retired it.

Other articles of clothing I had broken up with: Old Navy Jeans I really liked in the store and got for Christmas in the sixth grade, my Ralph Lauren pink and green striped halter dress, my yellow and blue floral patterned kimono top and SO many other things. But I digress. Back to the cleaning.

Possibly my favorite top ever!!! So sad it doesn't fit anymore!!!

A pocket detail of the jeans I used to wear. Oh, ok, back to digressing.
I folded up all the clothes that I chose would remain and put them back neatly in my armoire. I took out so many clothes, I had an entire drawer left without any clothes!! You'd be surprised what purging some ill-fitting clothes can do to maximize your storage space...

All my tees, sitting in my drawer all neat and organized! Woohoo!
But I still have miles to go. I still have to make my closet & room totally amazing-looking. Stay tuned, readers... This is will be a journey. :)
Hearts, Hugs and Lots of Love,

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