Autumn is coming...

I look so mean...

Close up of the coat

It's coming quick. Fall, I mean. Summer is running away and we can't capture it. I miss it. :( But, now that it's fall. Autumn, such a beautiful time. Leaves falling, beautiful scenery to look at. I've had to adjust my wardrobe into fall mode, a change I don't mind, but I do wish that it was summer still. Possibly because of the amazing summer I had. But that's another story and another post. I digress. This outfit was based largely on the jacket. It's actually my brother's, but he was trying to give it away so I rescued it from the pile and made it my own. I had to belt it to get it to fit, but other than that, it's a really good jacket (although I am taking it to the tailor to get more fitted in the waist). I wore it with a thermal, my skinny cargos, and gold kicks.
P.S. I looked really mean in the majority of these pictures and it was truly hard to choose pictures. So that's why there's so little.


Introducing... DORIS!!!

 Today is the most exciting day of the year! It's the start of NYFW!!!! Unfortunately, I'm not there to celebrate FNO (which makes me REALLY REALLY REALLY sad) but... I CAN find ways to celebrate on my own, like today's outfit. This outfit is centered around my amazing hat that I love so much, I had to name it. Her name is Doris Audrey Marilyn, named for the old time feel I get when I wear "her", if you wondered. But anyways, the hat was a HUGE hit. Every time I turned around, someone was complimenting it and/or trying it on... including the guys (I even think my sociology teacher tried it own... Although he denies it vehemently). And Doris could go without some other classic pieces, so I paired it with a peacoat and my flats (that I'm starting to notice, I wear too often).
Oh and I don't know if you guys noticed, but this is my first time shooting in black and white. I think I did really well. But you tell me! How did I do? Do you like the photos? Leave a comment and tell me! 
Hearts, Hugs and Lots of Love,


R + I Creative Visuals

Art inspires art. At least, that's what I believe. As an aspiring fashion designer, I draw inspiration from many, many places, including but not limited to ancient works of art, photography, writings, and just overall culture. And culture is something that R+ I Creative does best. R + I Creative is a video production company that does some of the best visually simulating, interesting documentaries around. From "Influencers", a short documentary that explores the origin of trends and their creators, to "The Pursuit of Cool", an exploration of the definition of cool, R + I Creative produces videos that inspire. Enjoy!

What did you think of the videos? Tell me in the comments!
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Tokyo Rising | Palladium Boots Documentary- Hosted by Pharrell Williams

This video... I usually don't blog videos (excluding the ones on Tumblr), but this video was so compelling and inspiring and fun, I decided I couldn't deprive my readers of this. Put on by Palladium Boots and hosted by Pharrell Williams, the six part series of short documentaries are focused on the multifaceted Japanese culture, where they discuss topics from their recent disasters, to their art, fashion, and overall culture. I viewed these in a sense of awe, awe of the depth of the Japanese people. Such a fascinating culture! After seeing these videos, I am incredibly inspired and feening (more than usual) to visit Japan to actually experience this incredible culture myself.

What did you think of the video? Let me know in the comments section! 

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