Craving Satisfied: Coats

My name is Dream and I am a coat junkie. Seriously, though, I really do like coats. Coats are my favorite article of clothing. Don't ask me why, because I don't know. I think I get it from my mom. But I digress. So during the After- Christmas sales, my eyes feasted on this beautiful Forever21 black tweed coat. For months, I wanted something like this. However, with only a limited amount of money, I ventured to H&M first to be sure. There at H&M, I saw another coat that completely made me happy. A Houndstooth classic cut that made my mouth water. And it had the red tag that said "50% off." I tried it on and truly just fell in love. It just looked like quality.

From the shoulders to the neckline to the cut, THIS COAT'S A WINNER!!

Look at the fabric... It's just a rich texture.
 But, in the midst of all my happiness, I left behind my beloved Forever21 coat. That, and we had to go pick up my vain cousin at the nail salon. But back to the story. Two weeks pass and I really can't stop thinking about the other coat. So when I finally return to the mall, I get super excited and jet down to Forever21. I scour the store twice, before asking a sales associate about the coat. She show the rack to me and lo and behold IT'S THERE!!! And it was the last one, in my size too!!!! *sigh of relief*

Isn't it pretty??? Classic too...
And lastly, the least important thing about this post: My nail polish. It was in my New Year's To Do List to wear more and eh, I've been slacking but I did paint them again. Still a purple but a lighter one, one that screams FUN!!

My left hand. My right as you can imagine is a mess.
But until next time...

Hearts, Hugs and Lots of Love,


  1. i love the first coad, and that shade of purple! NICE BUYS!


  2. Love the nail color!
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