Needless to say, I've had some time on my hands since getting out of school. I've been occupying myself through TV, tumblr, working out, and YouTube. And boy, oh boy, YouTube is a gold mine. Not that I didn't know of people like Michelle Phan or AndreasChoice, but it is the very first time I actually took a look at the style & lifestyle. And I found one of the biggest gems of all, iamOTHER by Pharrell Williams.

You all know how big a fan I am of Pharrell Williams and his projects. And well, he's done it again, ladies and gentlemen. The man is just a creative genius and this pet project of his, a video channel to highlight those OTHER ideas, is just as brilliant as his other ideas. Built up of a conglomerate of shows, from Issa Rae's brilliant brainchild "The MisAdventures of an Awkward Black Girl" (I love this show way too much) to "Others" by Hypebeast to StereoTypes hosted by Rae, this channel is sublimely interesting and inspiring. Check it out below! (Also, beware, there might be some coarse language in these videos.)

(I actually really like this show. It's interesting.)

Plain and Simple, Pharrell did a great job with this channel. It's well done, informative and nice to look at. Question is, did you like it as much as I do? Tell me in the comments!


My New Old Obsession

The New Chic: Sporty. Sexy. Chic.

My New Old Obsession isn't a shoe, a designer, or even a person. It's the website Polyvore. I don't know why but I just up and decided to make a set one day as the boredom overcame me. The last thing I expected to be was entertained. The website has been revamped to the point where the sets anyone makes can look professional. And I'm entranced. I've spent my days and some nights actually making sets. I'm beginning to get really good at this. I wanted to share some of my favorites with you guys, before I make more and can't choose.
I've also found that I really like muted neutral color palettes, with pops of color for that for this summer. But what do you guys think of these sets? Tell me in the comments!

Nights at the Louvre & Days At Central Park

The City VS The City

FantasyWorld AcidReign


Wanderlusting: The Way I Pack-- Mr. Porter

Well, it's been a long, long time. And as always, I'm apologizing profusely. With this being my senior year, I am seriously just trying to get out of school with my head above water. That's all really. Right now, my spring break is dwindling in it's last hours and the sound of Camp Lo and Frank Sinatra are currently blasting from my computer speakers. But more on that on Tumblr. As of right now, I am here to service your sartorial needs and wants.
A well known fact about me is that I am a serious wanderlust. I love travel, always have. New places, new people, new experiences; it all excites me. But one of the ever present DRAGS of travelling is packing. Having to pack ONE bag just truly throws me. I either end up over packing or under packing. If you are anything like me, you'll take any type of tip from the pros of the JetSet. And that's what this video is all about. Created by MrPorter.com, this video is filled with nothing but men (primarily with accents) talking about how they streamline packing. From a technical standpoint, this video is incredible. But just my opinion. What do you think of it?

Hearts, Hugs and Lots of Love,


My life in photos! Christmas Edition


The MET at night

Saks Window
The wreath

Holiday decor

Rockefeller Center looking perfectly picturesque

Woo! These are the best pictures I took during my Christmas holiday, spent half in Georgia and half in New York. Have you guys ever spent Christmas in New York? To say the least it's magical. Really and truly magical. There is so much to see. It's really and truly beautiful. My shots barely does it all justice. But anyway, enjoy the shots above and I hope you guys are enjoying your New Year. I wish you all the best!
Hearts, Hugs and Lots of Love,
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