Craving Satisfied: Mulberry x Target Collaboration

So, since I heard about the Mulberry/ Target collaboration, I WANTED a bag. All it took was a few trips to Super- Target (Yes, in Georgia, we have monster stores, such as Super-Target) and I NEEDED a bag. I mean, who can resist Mulberry?? It's probably the closest I'll get to any Mulberry. However, my funds were running a bit low, leaving me handbag-less for the longest time. Just when all hope disappeared, the holidays rolled around. I never truly know exactly what I want so I usually ask for the gift that keeps giving, MONEY (and/or gift cards). With all this money suddenly burning a hole in my pocket, I remembered this bag. After a few days going without it, I convinced my mom to take me to Super Target to get the bag I had dreamed about for about a month. Once in-store, I was caught between two bags, one completely patent leather and the other, a mix of velvet and patent leather. It was SOOOO HARD to choose!!! I mean, the patent leather would be a smarter, practical, more classic bag, but it had been imitated and done over sooo many times. And then, the Velvet and Leather!!! It was so luxe and exclusice looking. But it would be so hard to clean and definitely not as classic. But I followed my instinct and went with the less practical, luxe looking Velvet & Patent leather bag. And I'm so happy with my purchase. It's so pretty...

This Mulberry bag is the epitome of style. I love the richness of the velvet, in contrast with the smoothness of the patent leather.

Look at the label. It even has the signature Mulberry trees included (although you can barely see it from the photo).

Yep, even the packaging is expensive looking... How amazing is THAT??? And for only 34.99 (without tax)... Yes, dreams do come true...
Until next time, Dream...

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