Old Navy Henley, Lauren by Ralph Lauren Flats, H&M Jersey Skirt

I'm back!!!! This week has been SOOO exhausting. I've been taking the high school graduation exams, which I need to pass in order to earn my diploma. I've been studying everyday and every night after track practice. We finished testing on Thursday and sometime during the week (Don't remember which day, they all seemed to run together) I decided that I reward myself by letting out my legs and wearing a skirt. When it comes to skirts, I have a sort of uniform thing that occurs, with a white shirt and the black skirt. On occasion I switch it up, but then again I wasn't as tired then. Also, this was my first self photoshoot, meaning I had to figure out how to use the self timer and whatnot. I think I did a really good job, considering... But anyway, enjoy!!!!!!!!!! And please comment!!


Mommy and Me!!!

My outfit today. See the effort???

Mom's Juicys and Mine-- We even matched sandals!
So today was rather eventful and it was AMAZING!!! My mom and I had a day out of the house, while my brother and his friends sat in the house playing COD (which I don't understand because the weather was gorgeous, 85 DEGREES!!).  I was feeling a bit different, and decided to put some sort of effort into my look. At first, we ran a few errands, which included grocery shopping. But then, we ventured onto the lower part of the county and went to Chipotle (a restaurant I've never been to). And with the mall just down the street, I had to ask!!!! I didn't buy anything, because I'm so broke I can barely afford to pay attention. In the end, we went window shopping and went home. But anyways, my mommy and me day was amazing!!!!!!

My nails!! Sticking with the New Year's Resolution... Isn't it FAB??
P.S. Did anyone see the moon tonight??? It didn't look any special to me...