YES! School is out... At least for two weeks... But it doesn't matter. I'm halfway done with my senior year! And I made out well. All As for everything! Woohoo! I'm proud, my family is proud, it's just a good feeling overall. But the work isn't over and I'll be working a lot harder on the way out. But at least for now, I can CELEBRATE!

Just some tunes I can bang to while I'm in full celebration mode...

Oh and expect the blog to come back with full force. I got a new camera!

Enjoy your holidays!

Hearts, hugs and Lots of Love,


Dear Santa (and precious followers)...

You see, I've been really good this year. I'm even trying to update my blog more! Unfortunately due to the set back of school and a couple of thieves stealing my phone and camera and me only receiving my phone back, I'm not so much adhering to the updating schedule. But, I'm trying. That counts right?? So I just have a small list of things that would please me to see under my tree: 
  • Ksubi Sun/Eye Glasses (Styles shown: "Lyra" of the Book Club Collection, "Matar" of the Eye, Eye Collection and "Sham" of the Ad Astra Per Aspera Collection)

This find was the result of late night tumblr. Based in Australia, a group of surfer designers make this amazing clothing line called Ksubi. Although known for their denim, their accessories are NOT to be overlooked. I think their sunglasses rival that of Ray Bans, just because these are worn by those who want to stand apart. For that quality, these glasses make it on my Christmas list. Not that I could get them, mostly because they don't sell in America and I can't find an online retailer that sell these specific glasses. So I'll just look at the images and sigh with lust.

ADN by Adeen Chomp Snapback

Seriously, I am disenchanted by almost all snapbacks. Except this one. It's entirely different than most. Created by Rembrandt Duran, this ADN by ADEEN snapback boasts TEETH, making it absolutely more fierce than the rest. Priced at  $180, the hat speaks volumes for style and originality. I mean, who sees snapbacks like this where they're from (unless of course you live in NYC or Japan)? No one. Reason I want it SO bad.

Pretty Little Liars Season 1 DVD
Click to view full size image

I cannot explain my utter obsession with this series. I freak out EVERY time it comes on. Maybe it's the plot (can't resist a good mystery!). It could be the characters (Hanna and Spencer are BY far my favorite...). Or it could be the AMAZING style... Four completely different girls, Four completely different styles, four amazing wardrobes. The fan favorite is Aria, whose boho cool strikes immediately, but it doesn't mean that Hanna's sexy glam or Spencer's preppy polish is to be ignored. Well whatever it is that draws everyone to the show, it's a collassal hit. And I for one, love it. Beware, this isn't the last time I'm going to write about it...

Copic Markers

See, THIS is what I'm asking for. Just in necessary colors. At $8 a marker, they're truly not the cheapest art supplies around. But they are something like the Rolls Royce of art supplies, so to polish off my portfolio, they might be necessary.

Sam Edelman Heels

Click to zoom in.
Sam Edelman Scarlett
Click to zoom in.
The Lorrissa... Sorry, I really do love these shoes. 
Click to zoom in.

Alright, before you guys judge me for being a hypebeast, I seriously loved Sam Edelman before the hype of the Lorissas even though I love them STILL. He does spikes SO well, it's crazy. I could wear these like I wear sneakers... EVERYDAY. Sigh, but alas, they are unpractical (not that I truly care), but yes, they are. So I'll just sigh and look at them.

That's pretty much my list. Oh and admission into FIT (which is at the VERY top of my list) *says small prayer*.

That wasn't so bad was it? I tried to simplify it and put ONLY the really wanted items on there. But that's all folks! Until next time!
Hearts, Hugs and Lots of Love,

P.S. My birthday is the 21st, that's Wednesday of this week. Of course, I'll have to spend it in school so it would really please me to see comments... :) 


Les is More: A Beautiful Lie

Gosh, I would love to know the production company of this video... It's perfect. From a technical point of view, a visual point of view, everything. And I would know. Not because I'm a critic but because of my background in Video Production, which I'll tell you guys about someday. But today is not that day. Therefore I digress...

This video is focused on the greatly talented Ryan Leslie. If you are unfamiliar with Ryan Leslie and his works, he's a producer/singer/songwriter/writer/amazing creative soul. In the video above, he poses a question: What would you do if it was your last day on earth? And he wastes no time showing the audience what he would be doing: Concocting a song in front of our eyes, a song he calls "A Beautiful Lie". The song itself is really good (not that any given Ryan Leslie song isn't good) and altogether the visual inspires. At least, it inspired me to do what I love MORE so that I can achieve true happiness. What does this video say to you? Tell me below in the comments.

PS- There are reasons, very good ones, why I haven't updated. But I promise I'll try my best to explain them later. For now, this is it.


Homecoming... My sweet mistake...

It is officially FALL. You know how I know? No, it's not the falling leaves (there aren't falling in Georgia yet), it's not the cold (I'm a born New Yorker, the worst is around 69 as a high), it's not the lonely tweets on Twitter (for some reason, most people in the US get lonely when the weather turns cold and such is the birth of "cuffin season" and they use Twitter to express it), nor is it the fact that everybody is starting to bundle up. Want to know how I know it's officially fall?
It's because it's HOMECOMING WEEK!
 For all who don't know what that is, Homecoming is a huge event in high schools and colleges, built around the football games. This is the week when everyone chooses to show their school spirit and there are themed days meant to express your school spirit. Monday's theme was TWIN day and although I didn't completely adhere to the rules (I was a triplet!), I think I showed my school spirit really well. My good friend decided that the twin code was a white blouse, black pencil skirt and black heels. I had to improvise, not having a black pencil skirt, due to my ferocious hate for skirts in general. Using a old dress, I folded it in half and was really surprised to see that it worked out well. But, I hope to have looks for the rest of the week for you guys, as everyday a new challenge is presented... And I plan to meet them with style...

P.S. The pictures are limited because my camera continually died on me as I was taking them... I think I got all the good ones. But YOU guys JUDGE! Comment below and tell me what you think!

Title from: Homecoming- Hey Monday

Hearts, Hugs and Lots of Love,


Autumn is coming...

I look so mean...

Close up of the coat

It's coming quick. Fall, I mean. Summer is running away and we can't capture it. I miss it. :( But, now that it's fall. Autumn, such a beautiful time. Leaves falling, beautiful scenery to look at. I've had to adjust my wardrobe into fall mode, a change I don't mind, but I do wish that it was summer still. Possibly because of the amazing summer I had. But that's another story and another post. I digress. This outfit was based largely on the jacket. It's actually my brother's, but he was trying to give it away so I rescued it from the pile and made it my own. I had to belt it to get it to fit, but other than that, it's a really good jacket (although I am taking it to the tailor to get more fitted in the waist). I wore it with a thermal, my skinny cargos, and gold kicks.
P.S. I looked really mean in the majority of these pictures and it was truly hard to choose pictures. So that's why there's so little.


Introducing... DORIS!!!

 Today is the most exciting day of the year! It's the start of NYFW!!!! Unfortunately, I'm not there to celebrate FNO (which makes me REALLY REALLY REALLY sad) but... I CAN find ways to celebrate on my own, like today's outfit. This outfit is centered around my amazing hat that I love so much, I had to name it. Her name is Doris Audrey Marilyn, named for the old time feel I get when I wear "her", if you wondered. But anyways, the hat was a HUGE hit. Every time I turned around, someone was complimenting it and/or trying it on... including the guys (I even think my sociology teacher tried it own... Although he denies it vehemently). And Doris could go without some other classic pieces, so I paired it with a peacoat and my flats (that I'm starting to notice, I wear too often).
Oh and I don't know if you guys noticed, but this is my first time shooting in black and white. I think I did really well. But you tell me! How did I do? Do you like the photos? Leave a comment and tell me! 
Hearts, Hugs and Lots of Love,


R + I Creative Visuals

Art inspires art. At least, that's what I believe. As an aspiring fashion designer, I draw inspiration from many, many places, including but not limited to ancient works of art, photography, writings, and just overall culture. And culture is something that R+ I Creative does best. R + I Creative is a video production company that does some of the best visually simulating, interesting documentaries around. From "Influencers", a short documentary that explores the origin of trends and their creators, to "The Pursuit of Cool", an exploration of the definition of cool, R + I Creative produces videos that inspire. Enjoy!

What did you think of the videos? Tell me in the comments!
Hearts, Hugs and Lots of Love,


Tokyo Rising | Palladium Boots Documentary- Hosted by Pharrell Williams

This video... I usually don't blog videos (excluding the ones on Tumblr), but this video was so compelling and inspiring and fun, I decided I couldn't deprive my readers of this. Put on by Palladium Boots and hosted by Pharrell Williams, the six part series of short documentaries are focused on the multifaceted Japanese culture, where they discuss topics from their recent disasters, to their art, fashion, and overall culture. I viewed these in a sense of awe, awe of the depth of the Japanese people. Such a fascinating culture! After seeing these videos, I am incredibly inspired and feening (more than usual) to visit Japan to actually experience this incredible culture myself.

What did you think of the video? Let me know in the comments section! 

Kisses, Hugs and Lots of Love,


Turban Love

Absolute favorite shot of the day!

I don't know if you guys noticed but I was having a really good picture day!

School is starting to heat up... The assignments have begun to pour in... Albeit slowly, but you can definitely feel the feeling of a carefree summer slipping through our fingertips... But I digress. It's time to shape our futures and I have to play Michelangelo... This outfit was an attempt to look professional in the hot weather and I think I did a pretty good job, under the circumstances. The turban is something I threw on for trend busting purposes. I'm officially sold!!! This location in my pictures isn't new, it's the lawn of my backyard. I was eaten ALIVE by the bugs and my neighbor's dogs were oddly interested. But anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed, Leave a comment and let me know!


Class is IN SESSION!

Such a short summer break to me, but in order to move on we have to do things we don't want to do. Like go back to school. We're a week in so far and I'm hoping that it shapes up to me a very successful semester... Grades and fashion wise. But anyways, back to the school outfit. This is something that reminds me of my city adventures, definitely something I'd wear in NYC. The outfit is my very trusty blazer, a striped shirt from Old Navy, Shorts from GAP and my very old scuffed up trusty flats. Alright, hope you all enjoyed! Leave a comment and let me know what you think! Thanks!


My Week: The first week of Summer Live at FIT

The first day of class. We learned the classic croqui.

The Victory Theatre.

Dave and Busters at 42nd Street

Fashion Ave!!! 

Mickey Ds in Times Square

Ehh!! I'm so sorry!!! I've been meaning to update, but last week I was so busy! Well first off, can we notice the new blog layout! I didn't change much but I had to white wash it. It felt busy, even to me! Hope you guys enjoy! But anyways, as I mentioned in my last post, I'm finally at FIT!!!  I'm taking Fashion Art for Fashion Designers. And I love it. I can tell I WILL be happy in the future doing this. Ah, it's all been so surreal. Unfortunately, I have no pictures except the ones I took from my phone. I didn't take any pictures of my outfits, but I will take pictures of the ones in the future. I feel like I'm overusing exclamation points... But I digress, look at the pretty pictures I tried to take! Enjoy!!

My design for the second day of class. We learned action poses. I wanted to go for a safari in the city type feel.  

Our lesson for the third day. We learned faces. I was going for a Megan Fox-ish type of look... I don't think I succeeded , but then again, faces aren't exactly my forte. I think I did well considering the circumstances.

The fourth day. We learned garment details like ruffles and  pleats.  This was my showcase of ruffles.