My New Old Obsession

The New Chic: Sporty. Sexy. Chic.

My New Old Obsession isn't a shoe, a designer, or even a person. It's the website Polyvore. I don't know why but I just up and decided to make a set one day as the boredom overcame me. The last thing I expected to be was entertained. The website has been revamped to the point where the sets anyone makes can look professional. And I'm entranced. I've spent my days and some nights actually making sets. I'm beginning to get really good at this. I wanted to share some of my favorites with you guys, before I make more and can't choose.
I've also found that I really like muted neutral color palettes, with pops of color for that for this summer. But what do you guys think of these sets? Tell me in the comments!

Nights at the Louvre & Days At Central Park

The City VS The City

FantasyWorld AcidReign

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  1. Very pretty outfit, very inspiring !



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