Needless to say, I've had some time on my hands since getting out of school. I've been occupying myself through TV, tumblr, working out, and YouTube. And boy, oh boy, YouTube is a gold mine. Not that I didn't know of people like Michelle Phan or AndreasChoice, but it is the very first time I actually took a look at the style & lifestyle. And I found one of the biggest gems of all, iamOTHER by Pharrell Williams.

You all know how big a fan I am of Pharrell Williams and his projects. And well, he's done it again, ladies and gentlemen. The man is just a creative genius and this pet project of his, a video channel to highlight those OTHER ideas, is just as brilliant as his other ideas. Built up of a conglomerate of shows, from Issa Rae's brilliant brainchild "The MisAdventures of an Awkward Black Girl" (I love this show way too much) to "Others" by Hypebeast to StereoTypes hosted by Rae, this channel is sublimely interesting and inspiring. Check it out below! (Also, beware, there might be some coarse language in these videos.)

(I actually really like this show. It's interesting.)

Plain and Simple, Pharrell did a great job with this channel. It's well done, informative and nice to look at. Question is, did you like it as much as I do? Tell me in the comments!

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