My Week: The first week of Summer Live at FIT

The first day of class. We learned the classic croqui.

The Victory Theatre.

Dave and Busters at 42nd Street

Fashion Ave!!! 

Mickey Ds in Times Square

Ehh!! I'm so sorry!!! I've been meaning to update, but last week I was so busy! Well first off, can we notice the new blog layout! I didn't change much but I had to white wash it. It felt busy, even to me! Hope you guys enjoy! But anyways, as I mentioned in my last post, I'm finally at FIT!!!  I'm taking Fashion Art for Fashion Designers. And I love it. I can tell I WILL be happy in the future doing this. Ah, it's all been so surreal. Unfortunately, I have no pictures except the ones I took from my phone. I didn't take any pictures of my outfits, but I will take pictures of the ones in the future. I feel like I'm overusing exclamation points... But I digress, look at the pretty pictures I tried to take! Enjoy!!

My design for the second day of class. We learned action poses. I wanted to go for a safari in the city type feel.  

Our lesson for the third day. We learned faces. I was going for a Megan Fox-ish type of look... I don't think I succeeded , but then again, faces aren't exactly my forte. I think I did well considering the circumstances.

The fourth day. We learned garment details like ruffles and  pleats.  This was my showcase of ruffles.


  1. That's amazing :) wish u all success in the future at FIT! ;) and please post more of what your doing there in the future, would be awesome to see!

  2. Thanks, John! I promise, more by the end of this week! Don't worry! :)


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