Old Navy Henley, Lauren by Ralph Lauren Flats, H&M Jersey Skirt

I'm back!!!! This week has been SOOO exhausting. I've been taking the high school graduation exams, which I need to pass in order to earn my diploma. I've been studying everyday and every night after track practice. We finished testing on Thursday and sometime during the week (Don't remember which day, they all seemed to run together) I decided that I reward myself by letting out my legs and wearing a skirt. When it comes to skirts, I have a sort of uniform thing that occurs, with a white shirt and the black skirt. On occasion I switch it up, but then again I wasn't as tired then. Also, this was my first self photoshoot, meaning I had to figure out how to use the self timer and whatnot. I think I did a really good job, considering... But anyway, enjoy!!!!!!!!!! And please comment!!


  1. Very nice outfit, the lawn looks really good too :)

  2. When I first saw the headline I thought you had gotten your like school uniform haha. I've always wished that I went to a school were you had to wear a uniform, would've been awesome... yeah but anyway haha, you look great :)I love black n white, it always works!

  3. loooove this. so simple and chic.


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  5. Love your skirt! I know this could be like a million diff backyards but I swear those buildings in the background look like they're around where I live in DC suburbs! Stay stylish :)
    La Petite Marmoset

  6. @John- Lol, I've never taken to wearing a uniform. Except this one...
    @Mary-Louise- Thanks!!
    @Janessa- Thanks, your blog is pretty awesome too!
    @Le Petite Marsomet- Thanks! And no it's not DC, but yes, it's in the South!

  7. Simplicity always works ;)


  8. great look! love your skirt.

  9. i love the black and white! super cute skirt!


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