Mommy and Me!!!

My outfit today. See the effort???

Mom's Juicys and Mine-- We even matched sandals!
So today was rather eventful and it was AMAZING!!! My mom and I had a day out of the house, while my brother and his friends sat in the house playing COD (which I don't understand because the weather was gorgeous, 85 DEGREES!!).  I was feeling a bit different, and decided to put some sort of effort into my look. At first, we ran a few errands, which included grocery shopping. But then, we ventured onto the lower part of the county and went to Chipotle (a restaurant I've never been to). And with the mall just down the street, I had to ask!!!! I didn't buy anything, because I'm so broke I can barely afford to pay attention. In the end, we went window shopping and went home. But anyways, my mommy and me day was amazing!!!!!!

My nails!! Sticking with the New Year's Resolution... Isn't it FAB??
P.S. Did anyone see the moon tonight??? It didn't look any special to me...

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  1. Cod is the greatest game ever! haha. A friend of mine told me the moon hasn't been this close to the earth in like thousands of years. It's so biig now!

    Love your nails :)


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