Les is More: A Beautiful Lie

Gosh, I would love to know the production company of this video... It's perfect. From a technical point of view, a visual point of view, everything. And I would know. Not because I'm a critic but because of my background in Video Production, which I'll tell you guys about someday. But today is not that day. Therefore I digress...

This video is focused on the greatly talented Ryan Leslie. If you are unfamiliar with Ryan Leslie and his works, he's a producer/singer/songwriter/writer/amazing creative soul. In the video above, he poses a question: What would you do if it was your last day on earth? And he wastes no time showing the audience what he would be doing: Concocting a song in front of our eyes, a song he calls "A Beautiful Lie". The song itself is really good (not that any given Ryan Leslie song isn't good) and altogether the visual inspires. At least, it inspired me to do what I love MORE so that I can achieve true happiness. What does this video say to you? Tell me below in the comments.

PS- There are reasons, very good ones, why I haven't updated. But I promise I'll try my best to explain them later. For now, this is it.


  1. yeah It's a pretty good video. I'm about to study film. so I'm always studing how something is filmed, instead of watchig the acutall content.

  2. Amazing shots i find here.



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