1 Dress, 5 WAYS!!!!

(The Dress)
In this recession, it's not very wise to be spend money on a million different dresses. Why not find one versatile dress and accesorize it to look different everytime? I took up this challenge with a regular dress I bought at Macy's. I pretty much accesorized it with different jackets and belts...

Next, I added a purple cropped bomber jacket. The purple draws the eye up and the cut of the jacket should make an hourglass shape and create a slim waist...

For an edgier look, I put on a black blazer over the dress and tied a white belt to bring the eye to the waist.
For a preppier polished look, I added a blouse to the mix and tied a ribbon to keep it from being plain...
I kept the top buttons unbuttons to make the pretty ruffles peek out and then tied it below the waist.
Last look...
I used my navy military jacket and tied it with the same with white belt, used in the blazer look. The jacket gave the dress a tougher feel and made it more casual...
Looks amazingly adorable, right? One of my favorite looks with the dress.
I also tried the dress out with a glittery belt on the blazer and military jacket... I decided that it would be a little too much to wear casually... But for a night out, it would be so cute...
and . Needless to say, it looked super cute with the miltary jacket because it was a great combination. But it did make the blazer more polished and refined.
Remember everything can look a different way, if you pair it with the right things. Good luck, my pretties!!!

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  1. the first one was the dopest haha :) Nice blog, truely! And it's true, gotta be creative with what you have.


    And I hope I'll see your collection some day too. All success to you!


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